Where It All Began

Old Machine PhotoBrian and Janet Parr began their business as B & J Parr, in 1974. It all began in the garage of their small bungalow in Walesby. Brian Parr alongside his wife Janet divided their time between their several jobs, and trying to start up their own business. Brian worked as a digger operator at the local power station, as well as raising a few pigs, whilst Janet worked as an egg picker at the local factory. Brian and Janet would also take their two daughters Julie and Beverley to collect scrap cardboard and polythene from under market stalls on their weekends and school holidays. At night Brian and Janet would return home and clean the scrap polythene under the street lamp, which would then be taken into the garage to be bailed alongside the cardboard.

In 1975 Brian and Janet made the decision to find a space that was more convenient to work in. They came across cow sheds in Wellow Village and decided to rent them. At this time, Brian and Janet employed two women to work alongside them. Despite the additional workload and responsibility, both Brian and Janet still kept their previous jobs, to help as additional support for their aspiring business.

The following year, B & J Parr rented their first ever factory in Walesby Village. By this stage, Brian and Janet had left their previous work posts and decided to concentrate solely on the factory. It was here that they would extrude film and bail polythene and cardboard. To contribute to the vast workload, a further five women and two men were employed; Brian and Janet’s two daughters would also join the team during their school holidays.

In 1978 as an addition to the factory in Walesby, a second factory was rented in Alfreton, Derbyshire. At this factory, B & J Parr began to recycle. During this year, Mr Steve Burton, Brian Parr’s loyal right hand man, joined his side. As did an extra six men, employed to work in the new factory, compounding and recycling.

In 1980, B & J Parr moved out of Alfreton site and into a newly rented factory in Ambergate, Derbyshire. A factory also used to help with the vast amount of compounding and recycling.

In the year of 1984, Brian and Janet Parr officially purchased their own factory, here at Mansfield Woodhouse. Throughout time, B & J Parr slowly grew bigger and bigger, not only in size and machinery, but also in knowledge, strength and man power!! Along with the new factory, Bev Parr, the youngest of the daughters, joined the team by the side of Brian and Janet Parr.

On May Day 1991, the factory here at Mansfield Woodhouse suffered a tragic fire. The factory was burnt to the ground and everything was lost. Though the Parr’s were not to be so easily defeated, to ensure their employees would be able to support their families, Brian and Janet kept their members of staff on site to help with the clear up process. Just a year later the factory was fully rebuilt, and by April 1992, the first new machine was installed. Later on that year Alan Dolby, Brian and Janet’s son-in-law, joined the team on the packaging side of the business. We had a total of sixty-three employees, each one helping to keep Mansfield back up and running, in all its glory.

On 19th May 2012 B & J Parr faced the devastating loss of Mr Brian Parr. Brian was the reason behind the success, ambition, the heart and the soul of B & J Parr, as both a company and a team. Brian was an intelligent man; he was a determined and hardworking gentleman, attributes of which are essential to B & J Parr. Knowing it was going to be all hands on deck, Bethany Parr, Beverley’s eldest daughter, joined the B & J Parr team, hoping to bring a fresh outlook on day to day business.

In 2016 Beverley Parr became the sole proprietor of B & J Parr, sparking a new era for the company. With the help and support from all employees, Beverley Parr and all the members of staff at B & J Parr work as a tight knit team to keep the company striving through the years. Carrying the same strength and heart that Brian Parr spent years building into the company.

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  1. So sad to read that Brian passed away , many memories of him coming to consett factory
    Beverley I wish you all well and my love to Janet

    Susan Bell


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