Plastic Waste

A plastic product of any description that has ceased to perform its useful intention can broadly be identified as waste. The waste that is generated by the public is often called ‘post consumer waste’. 

Post consumer waste can be further subdivided as :

  • Food packaging  waste
  • Drink/milk bottle waste
  • Film waste

Others include electronic waste and vehicle waste.

As in most types of waste, much of this often contains materials that are recoverable and that is content has value.  So, recovering this useful and valuable material content is in essence what recycling is all about.  Plastic waste is valuable because that waste can be reused once it has been segregated, cleaned and accumulated.  The end goal is to turn that recoverable content into a valued, sought after and reusable commodity.

Primarily, we source recyclable material from manufacturing waste or scrap and convert this into a form that is readily useable. We also obtain waste from transit packaging from businesses, end of life packaging such as crates/boxes and finally, plastic window frames and doors from such manufacturers and assembly companies.

Manufacturing waste will include scrap produced as a direct consequence of making plastic products from plastic raw materials. This could include production waste from:

  • Plastic bottle manufacturers for PET and PVC bottles
  • Film manufacturers  for LD, HD or PP film packaging
  • Pipe and profile extrusion companies making utility pipes or window profiles from HDPE and PVC respectively
  • Wheelie bins, plastic containers, boxes, cartons etc from injection moulding companies
  • General moulded and extruded products

Many of our bigger clients use us to service their recycling needs by providing materials for us to recycle into a usable form,  helping them to close their recycling loop.

We are also capable of large tonnage material recovery which can involve:

  • WEEE  (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment)
  • ELV  (End of Life Vehicles)

Here, we employ special and more involved segregation, separation, cleaning and consolidation techniques due to the different types of material recovered and their potentially hazardous nature.

Our plastic waste recycling complies with the government backed ‘Waste Resource Action Programme’ (WRAP).

If you would like to speak to us about plastic waste recycling in more detail, please get in touch.

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