Powder Milling

If you are in possession of plastic waste, pellet or packaging waste and are looking for a sustainable and responsible way to recycle your plastic waste into powder, you needn’t look any further.

With several onsite powder mills, we’re able to turn your packaging waste into powder that perfectly fits your requirements. From coarse to ultra fine, we have the capability to mill more than 700 kg of powder per hour, without compromising on quality.

Each grain is sieved and ground to your specifications are tested according to the standard test methods. We insist on the highest standards of quality and conformity to ensure a consistent, clean powder of between 400 to 2,000 micron size.

We are also unique in that we offer a blending service, allowing you to mix up to four polymers and colours before being ground to the right micron size.

Powder can also come to us to be ground again to a micron size to suit your requirements.

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