Technical & Laboratory Services

B & J Parr uses state-of the art technology and analytical equipment to assist in the control of material and product quality assurance. It is further employed to assist in investigating technical problems and a great asset in all potential product and market application development.

Our technical tools include:

  • Plastic material analysers – primarily to characterise the type of plastic we have on site.
  • Plastic flow analysers – used to pin point the process flow characteristics of the polymers we handle and subsequently transform.  This allows us to provide knowledgeable advice to our customers and for developing new formulations.
  • Plastic density characterisation equipment- used to get an insight into the makeup of the raw and finished materials that go through our factory. It is also an excellent tool for developing new products.
  • Powder flow and particle size analysers – Used for QC, QA and product development.
  • A range of thermal and optical equipment to assist and complement the other instruments when used for quality analysis, problem solving and new product development.

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